We bring sustainability into the heart of society.

"For this, we put the needs and expectations of our customers & clients first and combine performance, aesthetics, fair prices, simplicity and accessibility for a sustainably convincing product experience."

Sustainable vision

Sustainability is the origin and drive of our actions and thinking. That is why we focus on safety, transparency and social responsibility not only in our products, but also as a company.


Every gram of plastic we send out is compensated by being collected by partners around the world.


We offset our emissions by supporting UN climate protection projects.

Sustainable shipping

All products are delivered climate-neutral and without flyers in a reusable carton.

We bring sustainability into the heart of society.

We are a hotbed of innovation & creativity for sustainable oral, hair and body care as well as household & cleaning products. As a manufacturer & trading company, we are establishing a more sustainable consumer behavior in the heart of society.

"For this, we put the needs and expectations of our customers & clients first and combine performance, aesthetics, fair prices, simplicity and accessibility for a sustainably convincing product experience."

This is what drives us.

"We know that a sustainable and natural lifestyle also comes with a healthier lifestyle. That's why change is not only good for the planet, but also individually for each person."

Every day, we use various products for oral, body or hair care and our households. Quickly unpacked, used a few times and thrown away again, several thousand tons of plastic end up in the bin every year and, at worst, in our environment. There it can linger for hundreds of years until it has degraded. We want to change that.

That's why we offer sustainable alternative products. The materials of our brands Paperdent, plain b & WingGuard have been adapted to the durability of the products. We focus on transparency and social responsibility, both with our products and as a partner company. Our motto: We bring sustainability to the heart of society. Our vision: a permanently sustainable consumption for all.

We are committed to sustainability. That is why we rely on a wide range of criteria for all products as the value basis for our developments and decisions.

  • fairly produced
  • Climate-neutral
  • made in EU
  • renewable resources
  • plastic-free
  • recyclable
  • cruelty-free
  • vegan

We carry products from our own brands plain b, WingGuard and Paperdent. We put a lot of work and passion into every single one of our products - and we do this starting from the initial idea all the way to the market launch.

The first product we developed after the Wingbrush was plain b's solid shampoo. However, it was a long way until the solid shampoo was available for you and found its place in the store. We had a good idea, but first we had to find a partner who would not only implement it, but also bring the experience and support to successfully launch our first body care product. We learned what's important when creating shampoo in general, which ingredients are good for you and the environment, and how hard it can be to narrow it down to just a few colors and scents. But this is not where the 'solid shampoo' project stopped. The right packaging had to be found, the perfect design had to be created and, most importantly, a brand name had to be established. For half a year we worked on our solid shampoo until it could move into your home.

Since then, many more products and two more brands have been developed, along which our team has grown rapidly. All the while, our developments continue to go through the same basic process. Our product team organizes the development and looks for the right partner for a satisfactory production. At the same time, we make sure that each product meets our sustainability requirements and offers added value for you and the environment. Our design team developes the look and functionality of the packaging. And our marketing team brings just the right mix of creativity and technical skills to present the product to you. By the time our products move into your home, it's likely we've been working on them for months, sometimes years. All to ensure that you end up with a completely satisfying product.

We are happy about every big or small goal we reach and can't wait to tell you more about it. In order to see what's behind them, what we do or have done to achieve them, which partners we have on our side, and which projects we support exactly, click the following link:


"A wide range of fantastic products. Delivery was fast, I'll be back."

Katharina B.

Happy customers

"Unique products for our business. The symbiosis of a high-quality standard, sustainability, design and a fair price is perfect. Our customers are delighted with the products."

Simon P.

„Mir kommen keine herkömmlichen Reinigungsmittel mehr ins Haus. Ich komme aus der Branche und bin hin und weg. Ich hoffe, dass noch viel mehr Menschen anfangen, ihre Putzgewohnheiten zu überdenken und zukünftig zu umweltfreundlichen Mitteln greifen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden!“

Mandy P.

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